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General Payment Questions and Answers

At MPM we are always investigating and utilizing the best service providers for all services. Our investigation has concluded that First Citizens Bank provides specialized services for condominium management companies. They offer an array of services that are more effective, timely, and provide free banking services to the community. They also provide higher interest rates on our bank deposits.

Below are a list of possible questions you may have as well as answers to them:

Where do I mail my payment to?
Please make your check payable to your association, and mail your payment with coupon to P.O. Box 65703, Phoenix, AZ 85082-5703

Can I have my association payment deducted from my checking or savings account?
Yes. Please print and fill out the direct withdrawal from located on the bottom of this page and email, fax, or send by US mail the completed from back to Metropolitan Property Management with a voided check. You can also contact us to request a form at 586-566-8100 x225.

Can I pay by credit card or e-check?
Yes. Simply go to and under "Pay Assessments" choose your payment preference. It is helpful to have your coupon book to fill in the blanks. Payments by e-check are no charge and credit card payment charges are charged a convenience fee of 2.95% for each transaction based on the amount.

How far in advance should I mail my payment?
As always, we suggest everyone to allow 5 days when mailing in their payment.

How can I communicate with MPM regarding questions about my payment?
You can communicate with MPM by:

  • • Email or send inquries by US mail.
  • • Fax to (586) 566-0210
  • • Calling our office at (586) 566-8100
  • • Send inquiries by US mail (43165 Schoenherr Rd., Sterling Heights, MI 48313)
  • • Coming into the office

Can I still drop off or walk into MPM's office to make my payment?
Yes, MPM accepts payments in our drop box next to the front door and in our office during normal business hours 9:00 am until 5:00pm. MPM is closed for lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm. We do not accept cash or take credit card payments in the office.

Any further questions, please call us at (586) 566-8100

Automatic Withdrawal Forms

For automatic withdrawal you can consult the two printable pages found below. The first page is additional information on how to use direct payment and the second page is the form that must be completed in its entirety. The direct payment form can be mailed, faxed or dropped off at our office.

Direct Payment Instructions

Direct Withdrawal Form